AMIS Operating Rules



AMIS Operating Rules

1.         Membership: Teams wishing to become members shall complete the application form and submit it to the Executive Committee with a bond of $200.00.  All current teams are to have their bond up to $200 before the 2009 season.  (No interest will be paid on this deposit.)

Teams are considered a full member in good standing if the prescribed total fees are paid by deadline dates.  Teams not submitting payments by deadline dates will be removed from the membership of the league with no refunds of any monies already paid.

For teams who have been accepted by the league, and have been placed on the league contact list for that season, there will be no refunds of monies paid to the league in the form of deposits towards their total league fees.  The date for final withdrawal will be March 15th of each year.

Teams issuing an NSF cheque, for any reason, will be charged a service fee of thirty-five dollars ($35) in addition to the original amount of the cheque.  All additional payments will be cash or certified cheque only.

2.         Executive committee:  The operations of the league will be handled by a committee consisting of a president, secretary, treasurer, vice presidents for each division, entertainment director.  These positions will be elected at the annual meeting of the league.  If a position becomes vacant for any reason, the executive committee may appoint a substitute to fill the position until the annual meeting, at which time the position will be open for election by members.

Terms of Office:

President 2 years
Vice President 1 year
Secretary 2 years
Treasurer 2 years
Past President 1 year
Entertainment Director 1 year
3.         Duties of the executive committee:

President – the president shall conduct the meeting of the executive committee, general meetings of the teams and the annual meeting of the league.  The president shall be a signing authority of the bank accounts of the league.  The president shall choose the persons to sit on protest or suspension hearing committees.  The president shall, with the secretary, review the correspondence and form agendas’ or executive meetings, general meetings and annual meetings, the president shall, with the approval of the executive committee, form any committees required to carry out the projects of the league.

Secretary – the secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the league, shall maintain up-to-date contact lists of the members teams.  The secretary shall keep a file on the correspondence received or sent out.    The secretary shall be responsible for the distribution of written materials to the member leagues such as meeting notices, agendas and meeting minutes.

Treasurer – the treasurer shall, with the president, be a signing authority of the league bank accounts.  The treasurer shall be responsible for collecting and depositing payments to the league and for preparing the accounts payable to the league.  No accounts may be paid without presentation and approval of the executive.  The treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the budget and financial records of the league and preparing a financial statement and report for the annual meeting.   A final statement should be presented at each meeting of the executive and the general meetings.  The books of the league may be inspected by the members of the executive at anytime with 24 hours notice, and by the member team reps up 48 hours request.

Vice President – the vice president shall assist the president in the operations of the league, the vice president shall keep account of the league standings of their division, shall keep account of rain-outs and umpire no-shows.  Shall fill and assist in any positions that are not filled through the election process to ensure the operations of the league.

Entertainment Director - shall arrange all facets of any function put on by AMIS.  Shall keep accounts of any transactions of the function and report to the league executive.

Past President – the past president shall retain a position on the executive committee for a period of one (1) year to assist the new president during the transition period.  During this period he (or she) shall not have a vote on or for the executive committee.  He (or she) can, however, have voting privileges at a general meeting as a team representative.

Facility Director – shall be the liaison between the league and the City of Airdrie.  He shall have input to all scheduling and booking of diamonds.

4.         Meeting of the League:

a)         Executive Meeting - the president may call a meeting of the executive at anytime with seven days notice.  An emergency meeting may be called with 24 hours notice with the agreement of three (3) members.  Each member is entitled to one (1) vote and must be in attendance.  The members must declare themselves in conflict in an item on the agenda concerns a team they play with and not vote on the matter.

b)         General meeting – the president may call a meeting of the members of the league with 2 weeks notice.  Each team will be notified by their respective league representatives.  Each team will be allowed to carry two (2) votes. 

The executive committee will carry one (1) vote at the general meeting.  Members of the executive cannot carry the vote for their team.  All voters must be in person, no proxy votes allowed.

c)         Annual meeting – the annual meeting shall be held before October 15 of each year, with the year-end of the league being December 31.  Reports will be presented from the executive committee, the financial statement will be presented by the treasurer and elections of the executive committee will be held.  The voting privilege is the same as 3(b).

5.         The playing/operating rules and regulations shall be reviewed by the executive committee prior to the annual meeting with proposed changes in writing in advance of the annual meeting to member teams.  Member teams may propose changes by submitting them to the executive committee (in writing) at the annual meeting.  Proposed changes submitting by member teams at the annual meeting will be dealt with at the next meeting.

6.         The league shall provide the following to member teams:
a)         Team/executive committee contact list (available on website).
b)         Regular game and play-off schedule (available on website).
c)         Make-up game schedule for teams (available on website).
d)         Booking/permitting of diamonds.
e)         14 new 12 inch balls and 6 new 11 inch balls.
f)          One scorebook/team.
g)         Copy of operating and playing rules (available on website).

7.         Membership fees will be assessed from year to year to ensure that the operating costs to the league are met.

8.         Penalty schedule.
a)         Umpire no shows (per umpire) $25.00
b)         NSF cheques $35.00
c)         Forfeit Games. Each game forfeited will incur a $25 fine.  Any team forfeiting ¼ of their games may lose their membership.
d)         All other penalties/fines assessed by the executive committee to member teams.

9.         All decisions made at general meetings are final.  Member teams must be in attendance to exercise their vote or live with the consequences.

10.       Protests will only be accepted for hearing by a protest committee, where the interpretation of a rule or regulation of the league is in question.  Judgment calls on other plays, i.e. ball or strike, fair or foul, safe or out, will not be accepted as a protest.  A team protesting a game must declare immediately on the field to the plate umpire that the game is being played under protest.  This must be noted on the score sheet with the signature of the team coach and umpire.

A complete written explanation of the project and the rule interpretation being protested, with a bond of twenty-five dollars ($25), must be in the hand of a league representative within 48 hours.

The league will form a protest committee of not less that three (3) persons and not more than five (5) persons.  No protest committee member may be a player/coach/or manager of the umpire(s) involved.  The committee will meet within 7 days of the receipt of the protest materials to review the written material and hear a representative from all parties involved.  A written decision will be given to all parties involved within 24 hours.  Should the protest be lost, the $25 bond will not be refunded.  The league president will chair the committee or appoint a chairman if he (or she) is ineligible, being part of the protest.  The league secretary will attend and record the proceedings.

11.       Suspensions/fines of player/coaches/mangers – suspensions/fines of varying degrees of time/money may be handed out to any of the above for the following conduct or actions that are deemed detrimental to the league, players, fans, associated groups and the sport of softball in general.
a)         Use of foul language at the site of games, meetings of the league and other associated groups the league may be affiliated with.
b)         Actions deemed to jeopardize the personal safety of any of the above plus fans at locations name in “A”.
c)         Repeated disregard of the rules/regulations and operating procedures of the league or associated groups.
d)         Misappropriation of funds designated for the use of the league, league teams and associated groups.

12.       Officer and director indemnification – AMIS shall indemnify it’s directors and officers and former directors and officers and their heirs and legal representatives, against all costs, charges and expenses, including and amount paid to settle an action or satisfy a judgment, reasonably incurred by them in respect of any civil, criminal or administrative action or proceeding to which they are made parties by reason of being directors or officers of the AMIS, including an action by or on behalf of AMIS.  If –
a)         They acted honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the league; and
b)         In the case of a criminal or administrative action or proceeding that is enforced by a monetary penalty, they have reasonable grounds for believing the conduct was lawful or were acquitted; and
c)         The gave notice to the league of the civil, criminal or administrative action or proceeding immediately upon becoming aware of it and also cooperated with the league in the defense of the action or proceeding to such extent as may be reasonable in the circumstances.

13.       Their will be carded umpires for the year-end playoff tournament for both the 'A' and 'B' divisions.

14.       Winning teams must enter their scores into the website within 14 days of the game date or they will lose their 2 points.  For tie games, both teams must try to enter the score into the website within 14 days or neither team will receive their point.  If the score is entered, the other will confirm the score is correct.