AMIS Playing Rules



AMIS Playing Rules

1.        A maximum of 10 players may take the field at any time. Of this 10, a
minimum of 3 must be girls. If you do not have a minimum of 3 girls,
            refer to rule 24.

2.         Maximum of 6 runs by each team per inning.

3.         The last inning of the early game is to start no later than 7:20.  The game ends at 7:30 regardless if inning is complete or not.  The last inning of the game is to start no later than 8:50.  The game ends at 9:00 regardless if inning is complete or not.  The score from the last complete inning played will determine the winner.  These times will all move from 7:20, 7:30, 8:50 and 9:00 to 7:05, 7:15, 8:35 and 8:45 respectively for all games in August.

4.         No bunting allowed for men, women are allowed to bunt.  There will be no “fake” bunting.  If a girl shows a bunt then she has 2 options available:
a)         she may bunt.
b)         she may leave the pitch allowing the ball to hit the ground or mat.

If a girl shows bunt and then swings at the pitch she will be automatically out.

5.         No stealing bases or lead offs allowed.  The runner must stay on the base until the swing of the bat.

6.         The infield fly rule will be observed as any ball playable by an infielder, under normal effort, with runners on 1st & 2nd, with less than 2 out.  Once called by the umpire, batter is out and the runners may advance at their own risk.

7.         Only the team manager or captain will be allowed to speak with the umpire during the game.

8.         If any player becomes unruly or abusive, the umpire will issue one warning, to manager or coach.  If the conditions continue, the offending team will forfeit the game.  They will be subject to suspension or find as per operations rule #11 of the league.

9.         In order to be eligible to play in the play-offs, a player must have played in at least one quarter (¼) of games with the team entering the play-offs.

10.       Scores must be entered onto the website with 14 days of the completion of the game, or the points are forfeited. Be diligent!

11.       No metal cleats are allowed in this league.

12.       AMIS encourages the use of personal protective equipment when playing slo-pitch.  This includes traditional back catcher attire as well as any other equipment players see a need to wear.

13.       Any player who slides into 1st base or home is automatically out.

14.       In order for a game not to be defaulted, the manager or designed person must contact the manager of the opposing team at least 2 hours before game time.  If this is not done, then the team will lose the 2 points from the game due to default and will be subject to the game default penalty as per operations rule #8. The Home team is responsible for contacting the umpires.  Rescheduling will only be allowed for weather, funerals or weddings!!

15.       A player must only play for 1 team in the league.  He or she may transfer once in the season and NOT at play-offs.  No switching back and forth!!

16.       Each team must provide at least 2 umpires per game that they are scheduled to umpire.  Any team not providing 2 umpires when it is schedule will be fined as per operations rule #8(a) for “A” teams only.

17.       Balls and strikes will be called, walks will occur.  There is not a third strike dropped ball rule.  Third strike foul will be an out.

18.       A strike is a pitch with a minimum arc of 6 feet and maximum arc of 12 feet, which hits any portion of the mat.

19.       Batter stepping on the mat.  Please refer to the slo-pitch rulebook.

20.       There will be 2 bases at 1st, the white one for the 1st base person and the orange one for the runner.  On any BALL PLAYABLE BY THE INFIELD, the runner must touch the orange bag, or they will be called out.

21.       We will play with the commitment line located 21 feet from home base. All plays to home base will be considered a force play once the runner is past the commitment line.  Runner must run through the marked area to the left of home mat and the catcher takes the home mat.  Any runner taking home plate will be automatically out.  The catcher is not allowed to tag a runner coming home.

22.       A deliberate attempt to injure anyone will result in expulsion from the game.  The executive as per operations rule #11 (b) will then review the incident.

23.       All players in this league must be 18 years or older.

24.       All early games from April to July will start at 6:00 pm there will be a 10-minute grace period.  All late games from April to July will start at 7:30 pm there will be a 10-minute grace period.  All early games in August will start at 5:45 pm there will be a 15-minute grace period.  All late games in August will start at 7:15 pm there will be a 15-minute grace period.  If for any reason one team cannot field a minimum of 8 players including 2 females, the game will be considered a forfeit.  The vacant position(s) will be an automatic out on the roster until it is filled.  Understanding, common sense and sportsmanship between the two teams involved are expected to prevail regarding the administration of this rule.

25.       All games must be made up before playoffs.  If the game is not made up, neither team will receive points.

26.       The home team is responsible ensuring that all bases are secured in the slo-pitch positions.  The home team must also provide one new 12 inch ball and an 11 inch ball in good condition.  The visiting team is to provide a second 12 inch ball and an 11 inch ball both in good condition.

27.       With regards to interference, the runner will be awarded the base to which they are running to, unless the player is fielding the ball, in which case the runner is automatically out.

28.       The pitchers mound will be used with the pitching mound located 50 feet from the home base.  The pitcher may pitch from anywhere between 50 feet and 65 feet from home plate.

29.       Any team forfeiting ¼ of their games may lose their membership.

30.       There will be no alcohol allowed on the field at any time by either players or umpires during the game.

31.       Extra players (EP) are allowed.  There must be a MALE and a FEMALE.  This allows 12 players to bat and ANY 10 to play in the field defensively.  If you start the game with EP’s, you must end the game with EP’s or take an automatic out.

32.       Two up home run rule. Teams are allowed to be up no more than two out of the park homeruns during any point in a game.  For example, if 'Team A' has hit two home runs and the opposing team, 'Team B', has none, any additional home runs hit by 'Team A' are played as a single.  Should 'Team B' hit a home run then 'Team A' is entitled to one additional, but not to exceed more than 2 home runs up.  "Out of the Park" defined as clearing the fence.  No runners shall advance unless forced.

33.       When a male batter is walked with four straight balls in four pitches and a female is on deck, the male batter will take 2nd base, and the female will be given the option to either take first base, or take her turn at bat.

34.       NEW!!  Any ball hit out of the park (foul or home run) must be replaced before the teams next at bat.  Failure to replace the ball will result in the first batter being an out.

35.       Any rule not specifically stated above will be covered by SPN rules.